Russian Folklore Show of St.Petersburg, Russia

Folk show Russia in FairyTales
Folklore show "Russia in FairyTales" in the Youth House
Folk show Bagatitsa
Folklore show "Bagatitsa" in the house of Countess Panina
Russian Musical Seasons
Russian Musical Seasons in the Grand Duke Vladimir Palace

Professional folklore shows They give an opportunity to enjoy high skill of execution: at the same time, Russians experience a tide national pride, and foreign guests admire the "mysterious Russian soul." Services that we provide, interesting to both Russian citizens and foreign tourists.

Tickets without service charge! For guides and excursion groups discounts!

A unique tourist attraction, which allows one to feel the history and soul Russia!

The presentation lasts 1 hour and 50 minutes, including an intermission (20 minutes).

In the program

Russian folk songs, church songs in academic performance. In the repertoire of the dances of Stavropol, Don, Volgograd, Kuban Cossacks, as well as Cossack songs from different regions. Dances of different peoples of Russia, lyrical dances Russian North, incendiary dances of Voronezh and Don Cossacks, subtle humor of choreographic miniatures Ural and Siberia, and of course, delicious stunts performed by our artists.

In the break we offer buffet tables